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ACCP-v6.2番号 出題範囲 - ACCP-v6.2番号難易度受験料 試験問題集、スキルアップのACCP-v6.2番号証となる、ダウンロードするのACCP-v6.2番号は易いです、あなたを成功へのACCP-v6.2番号道に引率します、ACCP-v6.2番号がんばって勉強していれば、常に最新のACCP-v6.2番号ものに更新されています、小説サイト関連のACCP-v6.2番号メルマガで存在を知り、たくさんありますACCP-v6.2番号、ACCP-v6.2番号の問題集を使って一発、ACCP-v6.2番号なければ全額に返金すると、ACCP-v6.2番号 認定試験 資格トレーニング、ACCP-v6.2番号 無料更新 コンポーネント

NO.1 A university, has 2 departments. Department 1 has its own mobility domain with one controller.
Department 2 has multiple controllers configured in a second domain. The university is planning on
offering a new application and needs users to be able to roam between both mobility domains.
What is the best way to accomplish this?
A. The IP subnets of all controllers need to be configured to match
B. Create a new domain between a department 1 controller and one of the department 2 controllers
C. Merge the controllers into the same mobility domain
D. This cannot be accomplished
E. The 2 existing domains should be left as they are. A 3rd mobility domain should then be created
and all 3 controllers need to be added to it
Answer: C

4-11 - Wired Access Control In the above diagram, the system shows two Aruba access points and a
wired user.

NO.2 A client attaches to a secure jack interface set to untrusted. But when the client tries to access
the captive portal page, the following message appears, "Web Authentication is not enabled." What
might be wrong?
A. A Captive Portal profile needs to be assigned to the initial role.
B. The client has the browser provisioned with proxy settings.
C. A "aaa" profile needs to be selected on the Wired Access page.
D. The controller port needs to be set to trusted.
E. Web Authentication cannot be used in this way.
Answer: A

6-2 - Aruba Platform


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試験科目:「Aruba Certified Mobility Professional 6.4」
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