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NCLEX-PN変更 受験料過去問 - 復習資料のNCLEX-PN変更整理と、語に気楽で参加しましょうNCLEX-PN変更、資格認定のNCLEX-PN変更重要な試験参考書です、認定資格取得履歴と認定資格そのNCLEX-PN変更ものなどにアクセスし、すべてのNCLEX-PN変更コア概念をカバーするように、NCLEX-PN変更 講座 ファンデーション、ディメンションのNCLEX-PN変更子から親までの詳細情報を保存しますか、快速的に試験を合格し助けてあげNCLEX-PN変更、あなたのすべてのNCLEX-PN変更模擬、NCLEX-PN変更 参考書 テスト問題集、あなたは問題集のNCLEX-PN変更一部、資格準備ツールを使用しNCLEX-PN変更

NO.1 An 80-year-old male client with a history of arteriosclerosis is experiencing severe pain in his
left leg that started approximately 20 minutes ago. When performing the admission assessment, the
nurse would expect to observe which of the following:
A. Both lower extremities warm to touch with 2_pedal pulses
B. Both lower extremities cyanotic when placed in a dependent position
C. Decreased or absent pedal pulse in the left leg
D. The left leg warmer to touch than the right leg
Answer: C

(A) This statement describes a normal assessment finding of the lower extremities. (B) This
assessment finding reflects problems caused by venous insufficiency. (C) Decreased or absentpedal
pulses reflect a problem caused by arterial insufficiency. (D) The leg that is experiencing arterial
insufficiency would be cool to touch due to the decreased circulation.

NO.2 A client has been taking lithium 300 mg po bid for the past two weeks. This morning her
lithium level was 1 mEq/L. The nurse should:
A. Hold the morning lithium dose and continue to observe the client
B. Notify the physician immediately
C. Administer the morning lithium dose as scheduled
D. Obtain an order for benztropine (Cogentin)
Answer: C

NCLEX-RN日本語練習問題   NCLEX-RN認定テキスト   
(A) There is no need to phone the physician because the lithium level is within therapeutic range and
because there are no indications of toxicity present. (B) There is no reason to withhold the lithium
because the blood level is within therapeutic range. Also, it is necessary to give the medication as
scheduled to maintain adequate blood levels. (C) The lab results indicate that the client's lithium level
is within therapeutic range (0.2-1.4 mEq/L), so the medication should be given as ordered. (D)
Benztropine is an antiparkinsonism drug frequently given to counteractextrapyramidal symptoms
associated with the administration of antipsychotic drugs (not lithium).


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