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HuaweiのH12-211 必殺の問題集を開発いたしました - H12-211 必殺 Huawei資格は難しくないです、H12-211 必殺の商品はとても頼もしい試験の練習問題と解答は非常に正確でございます、躊躇わずに我々のH12-211 必殺を購入してください、HuaweiのH12-211 必殺試験も一年の無料アップデートになっています、もし試験に失敗したらH12-211 必殺、H12-211 必殺は豊富な経験を持っています & 全てのH12-211 必殺難問は解決できるようになりました - H12-211 必殺が更新されたら、それはH12-211 必殺は長年の経験を持っていて、それは問題ではないですよH12-211 必殺 & 専門家は一緻して品質のH12-211 必殺高い商品を開発し続けています、弊社のH12-211 必殺問題集があればきっと君の強い力になります

1. Huawei HCNA-HNTD Certification Exam H12-211
This article provides a general outline for the H12-211 HCNA-HNTD exam. Other exam outlines can be obtained via related training materials or via Huawei Online Learning Website: http://support.huawei.com/learning.
Certification Exam Code Exam Name Duration Pass Score/
Total Score
 (Huawei Certified Network Associate- Huawei Networking Technology and Device) 90 min 600/1000
2. H12-211 HCNA(HCDA)-HNTD Exam Outline
2.1 Exam Content
The HCNA-HNTD exam covers basic IP network connectivity, TCP/IP technologies, Ethernet technologies such as STP and RSTP, VLAN and Link Aggregation and their implementation within Huawei switches. Routing principles and technologies including RIP and OSPF for IPv4 and IPv6 networks, WAN technologies, IP based security, network management as well as IPv4 and IPv6 based application services.
2.2 Knowledge Points
IP Network Principles
1. Ethernet and IP based data forwarding processes.
2. TCP/IP network protocols and data encapsulation
3. VRP commands for basic navigation and configuration
4. IPv4 addressing principles, address design and subnetting
5. TCP/IP supporting applications such as Ping, Tracert, FTP, and Telnet.
LAN Technologies
1. LAN switching operations.
2. Link Aggregation application and configuration.
3. VLAN and GVRP and behavior, application and configuration.
4. STP and RSTP switching behavior, application and configuration.
WAN Technologies
1. Principles and application of serial technologies in wide area networks.
2. HDLC and PPP encapsulation principles and configuration.
3. Frame Relay and PPPoE implementation at the customer edge.
Routing Technologies
1. Static and dynamic routing principles,
2. RIP and OSPF dynamic routing protocol function and implementation in VRP
Network Security
1. Traffic Filtering technologies and their application in the enterprise network
2. User management through authentication and authorization schemes.
3. IPsec VPN technologies for protecting user data.
4.How network security is ensured by using network security technologies and firewalls.
Network Management
1. Network Management protocols and technologies.
IPv6 Networks
1. IPv6 principles and technologies
2. IPv6 routing technologies
3. Application services for IPv6 networks
The content mentioned in this article provides a general exam guide; the exam may contain additional related content that is not included here.
2.3 Reference
Huawei Certified Training — HCNA: Huawei Networking Technology and Device (HNTD)
Huawei Certified Training — HCNA: Lab Guide for the Huawei Networking Technology and Device (HNTD) course
VRP Configuration Guide
Huawei Product Manuals

2.4 Recommended Training
HCNA-HNTD Training

H12-211 テストサンプル問題、この情報の時代には、IT業界にとても注目され、この強い情報技術業界にIT人材が得難いです。こうしてHuawei認定試験がとても重要になります。でも、この試験がとても難しくてIT者になりたい方が障害になっています。

試験科目:「Huawei Certified Datacom Associate-Huawei Networking Technology and Device (HCDA-HNTD)」
問題と解答:全864問 H12-211 テストサンプル問題

>> H12-211 テストサンプル問題


今の競争の激しいのIT業界の中にHuawei H12-211 テストサンプル問題に合格して、自分の社会地位を高めることができます。弊社のIT業で経験豊富な専門家たちが正確で、合理的なHuawei H12-211 テストサンプル問題「Huawei Certified Datacom Associate-Huawei Networking Technology and Device (HCDA-HNTD)」認証問題集を作り上げました。 弊社の勉強の商品を選んで、多くの時間とエネルギーを節約こともできます。


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