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IBM WebSphere LOT-910

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試験科目:IBM 「IBM WebSphere Portal 7.0 Deployment & Administration Update」




NO.1 Which option best describes valid aspects of deleting wikis and wiki pages?
A. A wiki page deleted directly in the wiki can be restored.
B. Deleting the wiki page also deletes the Web Content Viewer portlet and the web content mapping.
C. To delete a wiki, you must delete the Web Content Viewer portlet and web content mapping from the
portal page where the content is rendered, and then delete the template library used to create the wiki.
D. Statements A, B, and C are valid.
E. Only Statement A and Statement B are valid.
Answer: D

IBM参考書   LOT-910   LOT-910

NO.2 Resources registered with the tagging and rating engine can be grouped by administrators. Which of
the following options best describes the methods by which resources are grouped?
B. Type specification
C. URI, category specification
D. URI, type specification, category specification
Answer: C

IBM問題集   LOT-910練習問題   LOT-910認定証   LOT-910認定資格

NO.3 Which of the following is NOT true regarding WebSpere Portal v7.0 and VMware support?
A. VMware can only be used when WebSphere Portal v7.0 is not clustered.
B. VMware can be used in a clustered WebShere Portal v7.0 environment.
C. VMware can be used in a non-clustered WebSphere Portal v7.0 environment.
D. VMware and WebSphere Portal v7.0 allow mass-replication of identical operating systems
Answer: A

IBM認定証   LOT-910認証試験   LOT-910   LOT-910   LOT-910

NO.4 What is a portal farm.?
A. A portal farm is a series of portal clusters used in high availability production environments.
B. A portal farm refers to a series of identically configured, standalone server instances.
C. A portal farm is an edition of WebSphere Portal customized for the agricultural industry.
D. A portal farm is a setup of servers that are tightly coupled for failover and recovery.
Answer: B

IBM   LOT-910   LOT-910認証試験   LOT-910

NO.5 Which of the following statements is true about client-side aggregation?
A. Client-side aggregation is generally slower than server-side aggregation because more
processing happens on the client computer, which is generally less powerful than the server.
B. The portal built-in Page Builder theme allows you to configure whether that page is rendered in
client-side aggregation mode or in server-side aggregation mode for each page.
C. Client-side aggregation can be enabled for all existing portlets.
D. Client-side aggregation cannot be used on Firefox browsers.
Answer: B

IBM認定資格   LOT-910   LOT-910

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