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今Lotus 190-720認定試験の受験者は多くなりました。世界中の多くの受験者たちと同じく、君も190-720認定試験に合格できるかどうかを心配していますか。そうすることより、よい試験準備資料を探し出したほうがよさそうですね。今は、必死に試験出題内容をこつこつと研究しなくても、弊社Pass4testの関連試験問題集を使てみれば直接に資格を取ることができます。

Lotus CLP 190-720

試験科目:Lotus 「IBM Lotus Notes Domino 7 SysAdmin Operating Fundamentals」

Pass4testはLotus 190-720教育の専門家になるのは、すべてのテスト項目を勉強する必要があります。Lotus 190-720問題集を利用して、あなたがどれだけ専門知識を身につけたか判断しますLotus 190-720問題集はPDFとソフト二つのバージョンを提供します。





1.Your Organizational certifier is named Acme. Each city in your company has an Organizational
Unit certifier from the Acme certifier that references the city. Susan wants to create an
Organizational Unit certifier below the city Organizational Unit certifier. Which one of the following
must she have to accomplish this?
A.Reader access to the domain's directory
B.A copy of the Acme Organizational certifier
C.A copy of the city's Organizational Unit certifier
D.Copies of both the Acme Organizational certifier and the location's Organizational Unit certifier

Lotus   190-720   190-720   190-720

2.While setting up a new Domino server, Jamie is presented with a list of ports available for
Domino. Where is this list of available ports taken from?
A.The current operating system configuration
B.The current list of DNS names the host is known by
C.The current list of assigned IP addresses on the machine
D.The current list of host names found on the operating system

Lotus   190-720   190-720   190-720

3.What is the lowest level of rights in the Domino Directory ACL that allows the creation of groups?
A.Author with the Group Creator role
B.Editor with the Group Manager role
C.Designer with the Group Maintainer role
D.Reader with the Group Administrator role

Lotus   190-720   190-720   190-720

4.Why did Tim designate Server1/Boise/Acme as the Administration Server for the Domino
A.To make sure that all new users were registered on Server1/Boise/Acme.
B.To prevent users from making changes to the Domino Directory on Server1/Boise/Acme
C.To force administrators to make all changes to the Domino Directory on Server1/Boise/Acme.
D.To ensure that the Administration Process would process all Domino Directory changes on

Lotus   190-720   190-720   190-720

5.Recovery information has been configured for the Organizational Unit certifier Packaging. The
administrator has selected 8 administrators that can process recovery information, but 3 are
required to unlock any certified with the Packaging certifier. What three administrators in the list
must be utilized?
A.Any three administrators
B.The last three administrators
C.The first three administrators
D.Any consecutive three administrators

Lotus   190-720   190-720   190-720

6.Tisha has received an encrypted mail message while in Domino Web Access. Which of the
following will Tisha be forced to do to view this message?
A.She will be forced over to HTTPS automatically
B.She will be forced to log out and log back in over TLS
C.She will be forced to use her Notes client to read the email
D.She will be forced to have the message unencrypted by the server and will see the message after it has
been processed

Lotus   190-720   190-720   190-720

7.The server Web1/XYZ defaults to Server document settings to obtain configuration information
for Internet protocols when which of the following features is not enabled?
A.Internet Site documents
B.Global Domain documents
C.Single Sign-on documents
D.Web Configuration documents

Lotus   190-720   190-720   190-720

8.You have made the following entry in the server's notes.ini file Allow_Access_lan7=* ($Groups)
Which of the following will this entry provide?
A.Every group in the Domino Directory will be allowed access over lan7
B.Everyone in the Domino Directory that cannot be found in a group can access the server over lan7
C.Every group in the Domino Directory will be denied access to all other ports on the Domino server
D.No one in the Domino Directory will be able to access lan7 unless you first access another port and
authenticate as part of a group

Lotus   190-720   190-720   190-720

9.Alan has specified multiple Notes network ports available to TCP/IP on the Domino server. By
default, all TCP/IP-based services on a Domino server listen for network connections on all NICs
and on all configured IP addresses on the server. How does Alan configure Domino to listen to a
specific address?
A.Bind a port to a specific address in the notes.ini
B.Disable all network cards except for the card with the IP address desired
C.Configure the physical server to assign all IP addresses to one network card
D.Enter specific addresses into Domino IP configuration documents in the Domino Directory

Lotus   190-720   190-720   190-720

10.Where does the Domino Server Setup program store the certifier ID file by default?
A.In the Domino Name and Address Book
B.In any network drive location that you specify during installation
C.In the directory you specify as the Domino data directory during installation
D.On the Domino Administrator's local machine in My Documents\Lotus\Certifiers directory

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