Avaya Avaya-Certification 3200.1にパスできるためのPass4test試験問題集

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Avaya Avaya-Certification 3200.1

試験科目:Avaya 「Avaya Modular Messaging with Avaya Message Store Implementation and Maintenance Exam」

もし弊社の試験問題集の詳しい内容を調べてほしいのなら、弊社の無料サンプルをダウンロードできます。弊社の3200.1認定試験の現場の雰囲気と流れを了解することができます。3200.1問題集は定期的にアップデートしています。弊社Pass4Testは一回で3200.1認定試験に合格できることを保証し、万が一Pass4Testの3200.1問題集のご利用によって、試験に不合格になる場合は、弊社Pass4Testは全額返金いたします。 弊社は一年以内に無料更新版を提供し、一回で合格することを保証できます。




1.A technician is installing Outlook Thick Client (OIC).
Which ports on the network need to be opened to allow communications to the Modular Messaging
A. Ports 21 or 23
B. Ports 21 and 443
C. Ports 25, 143, and 389
D. Ports 25, 143, and 5001
Answer: C

Avaya   3200.1   3200.1   3200.1

2.A technician is installing a service park on a Modular Messaging Single Server. The technician has
copied the updates to the server using the System Platform.
In which folder on the Messaging Application Server (MAS) will the technician find the updates.?
A. C:\Avaya_ Support\Updates
B. C:\Avaya Modular Messaging\Patch Cache
C. C:\Important_Files
Answer: D

Avaya   3200.1   3200.1   3200.1

3.A technician is installing a now Avaya Modular Messaging 5.2 Single Server. The customer wants to
include a Web Client server in the installation.
Which two statements about the Web Client are true? (Choose two.)
A. Web Client can be installed on a separate server from Avaya Modular Messaging.
B. Web Client can be installed as a virtual machine on the System Platform Server.
C. Web Client is not supported by Avaya Modular Messaging 5.2 Single Server.
D. Web Client software should be installed on the Message Application Server (MAS) virtual machine.
Answer: C,D
4.When considering password security, mailbox passwords can be required to have a specific length.
What is the default minimum subscriber password length, and what is the maximum length the word can
be set to?
A. Default 6; Maximum 10
B. Default 6; Maximum 20
C. Default 4; Maximum l5
D. Default 4; Maximum 10
E. Default 5; Maximum 10
Answer: C

Avaya   3200.1   3200.1   3200.1

5.Which three are steps to finish Message Storage Server (MSS) administration? (Choose three.)
A. Administer Classes of Service (CoS).
B. Enter the final IP addresses.
C. Administer switch integration.
D. Place the MSS in a Windows domain.
E. Administer special mailboxes.
Answer: A,D,E

6.A customer had a catastrophic failure, and has just finished reloading a system. They would like to
restore all their data horn an ftp/sftp backup. Which statement described the first Step to restoring their
data in this manner?
A. Stop the voice system processing.
B. Install the latest service pack and patches.
C. Administer the TCP/IP settings
D. Reboot the Messaging Storage Server (MSS).
Answer: A

Avaya   3200.1   3200.1   3200.1

7.Which three are pre installation tasks that Avaya recommends for the initial installation of the Modular
Messaging 5.2 system? (Choose three.)
A. Download the software updates and service packs.
B. Run the backup and verification tool.
C. Complete the Data Collection Tool data file.
D. Acquire the RFA authorization file.
E. Download the Configuration Notes.
Answer: A,C,E
8.Which backup type is supported for the Avaya Modular Messaging Single Server?
A. Type 2 or 4 DVD RAM cartridge
B. DVD-RW disk
C. FTP/SFTP backup
D. Norton Ghost
Answer: C

Avaya   3200.1   3200.1   3200.1

9.A customer is migrating from Modular Messaging 3.0 on a S3400 server to Modular Messaging
5.2. Which two pieces of information must be obtained to successfully complete this migration? (Choose
A. the PBX translations
B. the original planning forms for the system that runs on release 3.0
C. the latest analyzed DCT file for the system
D. the private Messaging Application Server (MAS) and Messaging Storage Server (MSS) NetBIOS name
Answer: B,C
10.As part of the initial installation, configuring the "Offline Access" is important in case there is problem
with the Message Application Servers (MAS) accessing the Message Storage Server (MSS). At which
point in the insinuation process should the "Offline Access" be configured?
A. when configuring the Web Subscriber options
B. only after the MSS is configured
C. when configuring the primary MAS
D. only after all the MASs are configured
Answer: D

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