Avaya 132-S-100に100%合格することができるPass4test問題集

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Avaya Avaya-Certification 132-S-100

君も132-S-100「Avaya Sales Certification Specialist」認定試験に合格できるかどうかを心配していますか。そうすることより、よい試験準備資料を探し出したほうがよさそうですね。今は、必死に試験出題内容をこつこつと研究しなくても、弊社Pass4Testの関連試験問題集を使てみれば直接に資格を取ることができます。

Pass4TestはIT技術者向きの模擬問題集で、認定資格を取る機会を提供するIT技術専門家たちによって開発されたのです。98%以上の的中率を確認しながら学習を進めることができるため、学習理解度の確認に最適でございます。Pass4Test132-S-100問題集132-S-100「Avaya Sales Certification Specialist」認定試験の試験現場の雰囲気を模擬し、もっと詳しい試験の流れを受験者に伝えることができます。132-S-100認定試験内容を含んで、問題も解答も簡単明瞭な方法で表現して、正確に理解できます。弊社は勉強時間は短くても、132-S-100問題集のご利用によって、簡単に合格できます。認定試験の詳しい内容は以下のようでございます。

試験科目:Avaya 「Avaya Sales Certification Specialist」


1 .A key capability of Avaya's IP Telephony solutions is to extend customer announcements,
voicemail greetings, and other applications from the core to the branches, enabling _____.
A. A higher TCO
B. Branch office managers to maintain and administer their own communications systems
C. Consistent user experiences
D. Each user to have a different, customized experience
Answer: C

Avaya   132-S-100   132-S-100   132-S-100

2..Partners selling to Global Accounts at the Avaya Direct Account Team's invitation must sell which
of the following?
A. Avaya Services only
B. Avaya products only
C. Avaya content for both products and services where Avaya has an applicable offer
D. Any products or services they choose
Answer: C

Avaya   132-S-100   132-S-100   132-S-100

3..Which is NOT a common business problem addressable by Avaya's IPT solutions?
A. Inability to get the appropriate parties together to make decision
B. Inability to communicate during a major business interruption
C. Multiple disparate systemsthat are expensive to maintain
D. Disconnected branch offices
Answer: A

Avaya   132-S-100   132-S-100   132-S-100

4..Who determines the maintenance renewal strategy when a Partner has previously sold a
maintenance agreement to a non Global / US Named Account? (Choose two.)
A. The Avaya Direct team owns the maintenance renewal strategy.
B. The Avaya Telesales team owns the maintenance renewal strategy.
C. The end-user customer.
D. The Partner owns the maintenance renewal strategy, which may include a Channel Service
Agreement, Partner Support Service / Joint Service Delivery, or Wholesale Maintenance.
Answer: C,D
5 .A business process consists of a set of steps that an organization typically uses to execute daily
business and is _____.
A. Measurable using Key Process Indicators
B. Measurable using Key Performance Indicators
C. Measurable using Key Process Instances
D. Measurable using Key Primary Indicators
Answer: A

Avaya   132-S-100   132-S-100   132-S-100

6..Which are the three basic functions of the Communication Manager Software?
A. PBX functionality,Contact Center functionality, Mobility Server
B. PBX functionality, Mobility Server, IPSoftphone
C. Mobility Server,Contact Center functionality, DoS Protection Server
D. Contact Center functionality, PBX functionality, SIP Enablement
Answer: A

Avaya   132-S-100   132-S-100   132-S-100

7..In the Contact Center portfolio, how does Avaya solve this customer problem: Inability to make
good decisions on behalf of customers and to provide personalized customer service?
A. Access to actionable customer data through a single database and reporting platform
B. Ability to extend applications outward through the enterprise
C. Access convenient communications capabilities to find and reach people more effectively
D. Best practice use of technology
Answer: A

Avaya   132-S-100   132-S-100   132-S-100

8..Avaya will have direct resources assigned for primary coverage for which two of the following
account types? (Choose two.)
A. Non Global / US Named
B. US Named
C. Global
D. All account types
Answer: B,C
9 .Which enterprise is defined by having over 1000 users, mulitple locations, are often multinational,
and have complex business models?
A. Very-small-sized
B. Small-sized
C. Mid-sized
D. Large-sized
Answer: D

Avaya   132-S-100   132-S-100   132-S-100

10..SIP is a key enabler of intelligent communications because it allows for monitoring of _____.
A. Presence
B. Metrics
C. Call volume
D. Process
Answer: A

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